Vintage Cosmetics - Contour Face Brush Set

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Set Contains

1x Flat Brush - for contouring

1x Angled Blusher Brush - to add warmth

1x Stippling Brush - for highlighting and blending

Contour Face Brush Set

Want chiselled cheek bones? This kit provides the answer to a perfectly contoured face using 3 carefully selected brushes.

Contour Face Brush set step-by-step guide

  1. After applying your foundation, starting with the flat brush use a powder or cream product two shades darker than your skin tone. This needs to be a matte product to create the illusion of natural shadows around areas you’d like to define or reshape. This brush allows you to create defined lines. Apply this to: The hair line, below the cheek bone working from the ear to half way towards the corner of the mouth, the jaw line, either side of the nose and under the lip.
  2. Using the Angled Blusher brush add your favourite blusher or something slightly warmer in colour than the contouring colour. A pink or coral blusher or a shimmering bronzer, and apply this to: The apples of the cheeks.
  3. Using the Stippling brush it’s time to see the light! Add a little powdered highlighter, a lighter concealer or a touch of highlighter liquid to the brush. This offsets the contouring by emphasising areas that naturally catch the light. Apply to: The brow bones, Inner corners of the eyes, Down the centre of the nose, The cheek bones, Cupids bow, The chin, Forehead.
  4. Blend Blend Blend! Using the Stippling brush blend your darker contour lines into the base of your foundation and to set, use the Angled Blusher brush to gently sweep some translucent powder over the entire face. You’re good to glow!

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