Vintage Cosmetics - Airbrush Face Brush Set

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Set Contains

1x Powder Brush

1x Foundation Brush

1x Concealer Brush

Airbrush Face Brush Set

Want to achieve that perfectly airbrushed look without any editing? This terrific trio of brushes will enable you in 3 easy steps, to get a flawless natural finish time after time. What are you waiting for? Strike a pose… This set includes a super soft Powder Brush; perfect to apply loose powder or mineral make-up, a Foundation Brush and matching Concealer Brush, all with super soft synthetic bristles. The Ferrules are made from aluminium making them long lasting and rust free and the cream handles are made from wood. 

Airbrush Face Brush set step-by-step guide

  1. To look model ready, start working a light foundation onto your skin using the Foundation Brush. Start from the nose and work out, remembering to blend, blend, blend!
  2. For any hard to cover blemishes, gently dab concealer onto the problem area with your Concealer Brush, working it into your skin.
  3. Sweep powder across your t-zone, cheeks and chin using the Powder Brush. Remember, use sparingly for a glowing, natural effect – “Lights, camera”, action, you’re ready for your close up!
Top tips: Give your brushes a shampoo before you go to bed then leave to dry overnight… the Vintage Cosmetic Company Brush Cleaning Tool is perfect for this. Wake up to lovely clean brushes, a perfect way to start your day. Complete the look by using The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Smokey Eye Brush Set, our very own Connie strip lashes for a natural look, or some Gracie’s or Kitty’s for that perfect party look.

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