Tools Of The Trade

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Tools Of The Trade

Includes: 1x Eyelash Curler, 1x Nail Scissors, 1x Slanted Tweezers, 1x Cuticle Nipper and 1x Blemish Wand.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company introduces the Tools of the Trade, with all the essential tools you’ll need to keep your eyes, nails and face looking and feeling great! In our chic rose gold design, these tools will add a touch of sparkle to your beauty collection. All products are full size and finished in rose gold.

How to use: Our Tools of the Trade Tin contains all the tools you need for your everyday beauty routine. Use the Scissors and Cuticle Nipper for a perfect pedicure or manicure, the Blemish Wand and Tweezers for a flawless face and the Eyelash Curlers for bright, open eyes. You can even keep the tin to keep your goodies neat and tidy.

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